What I Do

I started painting silk around a decade ago and use many different techniques to produce a wide range of brilliant effects. These include working with water, salt, sugar, and alcohol. My silk scarf designs are inspired by the sea, the sky and the sun of Argyll. The beautiful colours and tones here are reflected in the vibrant scarves I create.

These, in turn, can compliment every outfit, mood or event, whilst being cool on a hot day and warm on a cold day!

As well as something to be worn, I also work silk, beautiful colours and a tad of impressionism to make paintings. Using gutta to keep lines sharp these pictures are stunning.

All silk works are painted, steamed, washed and ironed to complete the product and enhance the original lustre and natural hand of silk.

Hand Painted Silk Scarves

I create original hand painted designs on silk scarves.

My inspiration for the designs come from the sky, the sea and the sun, all of which have different light and moods here on the Scottish West Coast.

I use a variety of techniques and materials to produce unique scarves that are beautiful to wear as well as being durable and practical – the perfect gift!

Take a look at my designs by clicking on the headings in the top menu. Scarves are categorised by colour.

Purple Salt Silk ScarfHow are the scarves made?

The scarves are produced first by pinning them onto a frame and then they are painted on with coloured dyes.

These are then worked either wet or dry and then I rework the colours with water or alcohol.

They need to dry and are then steamed for three hours before rinsing and ironing.


Using water, salt, sugar and alcohol to produce light vibrant silks.
Silk is an amazing material, the lustre is produced because the fibres are triangular and therefore reflect the light.

When worn, it is cool even though the weather may be hot and warm.
Silk is wind-proof, very useful to anyone who works outside. (I know people who use them when farming).
Silk scarves are decorative but they are also durable and practical as well.

Original Designs

Each hand painted scarf is ‘unique’. Exactly the same design cannot be produced twice.


Scarves are very versatile. You can wear them around your neck in several different ways:

  • round and round
  • pulled through itself
  • arranged in a bow
  • rushed with a pin or with a scarf clip
  • around the outside of a collar to change the look of a jacket
  • around the brim of a hat
  • around your waist

Light weight, they are very easy to post.
Easy to store for ‘just in case’ presents, the one forgotten at the last minute.